Are Your Family Or Work Relationships Demanding More And More Of Your Energy?

Strengthen the Harmony between Your Life, Family and Work

can help you restore harmony to your life.

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Meet Judy Whalen

Course Facilitator, Founder & CEO of the Center for Strategic Change

By The End Of The Course, You Will:

  • Recognize the different roles you fill in your life (and in the lives of others)
  • Assess the conflict that surfaces due to the demands of the different roles you fill
  • Understand your personal core values and beliefs
  • Know how your values and beliefs impact the choices you make
  • Recognize the root cause(s) of the harmony or conflict in your life
  • Discover your comfort level for change
  • Understand your unique strengths and communication style
  • Clarify your personal life’s mission
  • Create the vision for your life
  • Determine which area(s) of your life you want to address
  • Develop an action plan to achieve more harmony in your life

Strengthen the Harmony between Your Life, Family and Work is ideal for ….

Individuals, couples, parents, grandparents, working moms and dads, employees, groups, people of all different ages who want to regenerate their spirit and participate in a stimulating, lifelong learning activity.


See What Others Have Said About The Course!

I got immediate results that weekend. I was able to identify what my values are compared to how I had been living. This seminar goes so much deeper than other seminars.

32 year-old // Business Owner

I have lost 20 pounds since the seminar. I feel a lot better about myself and this seminar helped me get to this place.

28 year-old // College Student

Six months later, I still appreciate that I have made a conscious decision about how to change my life.

49 year-old // Information Technology Specialist

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About the Online Course…

The online course consists of a series of four one-hour classes. The entire course runs four weeks with one segment offered each week. A workbook provides activities to help participants absorb the course content and think about their life. The course is designed to allow time between each class for participants to digest the information presented and complete the activities assigned each week. Each class is taught by Judy Whalen, founder and CEO of the Center for Strategic Change and creator of the Strengthen the Harmony program.

A Facebook Live session is offered each week to offer students the opportunity to “drop in” and ask questions. All classes are recorded. The recordings are available to participants. The course can also be done independently by viewing the recorded videos.

The fee for the course is $997. There are two payment options:

  • One payment option: Pay in full $997
  • Two payment option: Two payments of $510 each

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